Garage Roof Repairs in Addington

Looking for a local Addington, trusted and reliable garage roof repair specialist? Look no further than Homesure Services Ltd. We offer professional, high quality and efficient garage roof repairs throughout the Addington area, from minor repairs to full garage roof replacements. You will find our team friendly, clean and tidy and most importantly affordable.

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Garage Roof Repairs in Addington
Repairing a Garage Flat Roof in Addington
Addington garage roof installation

Addington Garage Roof Specialists

With years of experience repairing all types of garage roofs, including pitched or flat roofs, Homesure Services Ltd is a name you can trust.

Our three-layer systems are the most popular, due to their affordability and durability. We also offer up to a 20-year guarantee on most of our roofing services. We can install and repair all types of flat roofs, including the most popular Garage Roof materials:

  • Felt Garage Roof
  • Fibre Garage Roofs
  • Rubber Garage Roofs
  • Slate Garage Roofs
  • Tiled Garage Roofs

Cost of Garage Roof Repairs in Addington

The cost of laying and repairing your garage roof will be affected by serval factors as described in more detail below.

For us to ensure we are quoting for the right work to repair your Addington garage roof, one of Homesure Services specialist roof surveyors will need to inspect the roof. This ensures we can give you the correct quote as well as a realistic timescale. Our qualified Garage Roof Survey teams will take photos of the work required and provide an estimate quote.

Flat roof costs are affected by:

  • The condition of the current roof
  • State of existing valleys, guttering, and downpipes
  • How long has the felt been on the roof
  • Stability of underlying ply and joists
  • The position of the roof to the Sun
  • Existing and potential materials to repair the roof
  • Accessibility to the roof and repair area
  • and more!