Addington Lead Roof Flashing

With years of lead roof flashing experience in Addington, our professional team of roofing contractors have worked extensively with lead on all types of roofing across the Addington area. Homesure Services Ltd pride ourselves in ensuring all our lead work is carried out to Lead Sheet Association standards. By following these guidelines and using high-quality tool and the correct methods, lead sheet roofing is proven to last over 150 years.

If you wish to discuss any lead work requirements with us please contact us on Addington 020 8226 6884

Roof lead repair and replacement in Addington

As with most materials, if not maintained correctly lead can fail over time, especially in older houses. Lead cracks can occur when the lead expands and contracts in correlation to the temperature, it is quite normal and lead can withstand a lot these changes but over time the constant expanding and contracting of the lead can cause cracks and leaks.

We often find leaks on Bay windows that have been topped with Lead from the original build. The first sign of cracked leadwork on Bay windows or roofs is water dripping on the sill a brown stain on the ceiling or water running down the internal window.

Lead Roof Flashing in Addington

Our Addington Roof Lead flashing services include:

  • Flat and pitched roof coverings
  • Linings to parapet and valley gutters
  • Rainwater goods including Hoppers / Downpipes / Brackets
  • Soakers & flashings
  • Made to measure chimney aprons & chimney backs
  • Dormer & bay window roof coverings
  • On-site lead welding for builders/developers etc.

Is there an alternative to Lead Roofing?

Increasing lead theft is becoming more of a problem, so some people are moving away from using lead on their roofs, and certainly, if you’re talking about small roofs or lead bays. Fibreglass and Felt roofing is a viable replacement option for Lead. Speak to one of our local Addington roofing experts who will suggest the best roofing material for your needs and budget.